Another G20 cop suspended


I recognised this cop (got a pic of him – see above) from this footage who has now been suspended by all accounts. The footage is from the protest on the Thursday 2nd April where we were demonstrating against police brutality and the G20 death at the Bank of England. It was an utterly peaceful protest and then the police got aggressive for no reason, which resulted in them attacking us.

I was standing quite close to where the cops decided to attack and this particular cop was grabbing and assaulting people. I saw him (I knew he had to be TSG) grab this woman where he held his arm back like he was about to punch her in the face, I don’t know whether it was the same woman in the video but he seemed intent on attacking anyone, it was sickening. Tried to take a pic of this as I was up close (and admittedly kinda scared as he was lashing out) but my camera was too slow. I had to get out of the way as two cops on horses appeared and started to clear the road, one of the horses reared up, which was bloody frightening. You had violent cops with batons and on horseback coming at you at all sides!

Thankfully there is footage showing this particular cop’s violence. But there are plenty of others who indulged in casual brutal violence over the two day period and especially the viciousness shown towards peaceful protesters at the Climate Camp.

Whether this TSG cop will be held accountable, disciplined or prosecuted for his violence remains to be seen. But like most of these ‘investigations’ I don’t hold my breath!

Oh, and …Shock! Horror!! The IPCC got it wrong regarding lack of CCTV footage…..Now there’s a revelation..

NB: Review of police tactics

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