Few words on Julian Assange

I have been cautious in making any comment about the allegations made against Julian Assange by two women because we don’t know what happened. He has not been charged but will be questioned by the police.

My own view is that wouldn’t it be better to see the evidence tested in court rather than pre-judge the situation, a case of due process? I am getting really sick and tired that there’s an assumption out there that these allegations are smears and are dismissed as such which therefore makes these women out to be liars, that it was, for example, some kind of “CIA honey trap”…!!!!!! We don’t know the full story. Wait for the full story, wait to see the evidence tested in court.

And it is also becoming clear just because Assange is becoming the hero of the Left there is an assumption just because of the Wikileaks and hatred of him by the global establishment there’s a belief he is being set-up.

But how do we know?

Interesting articles here  by Feministe, Feminism and TeaCath Elliott. Another post here by Cath. And this one from Madam Miaow. Also see Carl Raincoat. See as well Dawn Foster.

NB: Assange has been remanded in custody in London after appearing in court. The article includes the 4 allegations.

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10 thoughts on “Few words on Julian Assange

  1. I think what’s extremely suspicious about this is that police forces (such as the Met) who have previously shown little interest in crimes of this nature, such as accusing rape victims of being liars, etc, suddenly find it so urgent to collar Assange and get him before a court.

    Will they now show equal vigilance going after other alleged rapists on the run?

    • Why is that so suspicious?

      Logically, why can’t it be true BOTH that the Met are hypocritical, only going after people the establishment doesn’t like, AND that he may be guilty of the crime he’s been accused of?

      I’m sick of the lefty assumption* that people we like and who are otherwise sincerely left-wing cannot possibly have crappy attitudes towards women. It underestimates how deeply misogynism is ingrained in society, and, in doing so, relegates the feminist struggle to also-ran status.

      Less importantly, this debate also stinks because it makes him a one-of-a-kind hero of a sort that lefties should not be relying on. We don’t believe in heroes, or I don’t anyway, I believe that what really makes a difference is when people act collectively. If he is found guilty then frankly other people can take over Wikileaks.

      * I’m not accusing you of it – too difficult to tell based on such a short comment, but the stench of it is all over the blogosphere right now.

  2. Actually, I have to be honest I think this was a bit of a smear campaign myself, but I have to admit it was wrong to come to this assumption.

    My criticism is Julian is somewhat an celeb in his own right. This means if the offences are true it would have been made as global news (although not main story) back when it happened around August time when the cables weren’t released until November.

    Of course, what I don’t know is when the girls involved raised the alarm.

    We will see. All I will say is the American Government want to torture him.

  3. Here here! So far its a bit of a farce the way the Swedes have handled the situation and yes its possible that this is all some sort of smear; but its also possible there is some truth to these allegations. People should at this stage given the limited amount of information available have an open mind. Its a pity elsewhere that when people say its wrong to assume he is innocent people immediately jump on the comment about lying women making up false claims, and all feminists hate men and assume they are all guilty.

    I have an open mind on this one but am kinda tending towards believing that this has been blown up out of all proportion for political reasons. Thats not to say that the original charges themselves are wrong Julian Assange himself has said the original complaints are misunderstandings between individuals or words to that effect. However according to the information released by the defence solicitor the original case was dismissed by the prosecutor as no charge to answer, and was reopened by a prosecutor from another area under political pressure from a Swedish politician. I don’t know enough about the politician to understand his motives but from appearances at least it seems dodgy. However the other possibility is that the politician believes that the original prosecutor was wrong maybe that prosecutor has a history of not handling rape cases well caused him to be replaced. Ultimately I am hopeful that the truth will come out but its only right and proper he be investigated fully. I am sorry the whole bullshit paranoid argument of he is not liked by political establishment so he might have been set-up is bogus.

    As for Duncan’s point about the met the difference is on the Assange case is the high profile nature of it. The prevailing theory being that you have to be seen to act when someone is in the public eye its true in a way too as it does good for justice to be seen to be done.

  4. I’m sorry, I have to admit that I kinda jumped on the bandwagon a bit, but that was more to do with the motivation and timing of the authorities rather than being dismissive of the woman.

    But I’ve changed my mind a little as several people have made an excellent point of logic – just because the powers that be are behaving with hypocrisy does not mean that no sex crimes took place. I suppose the question now is whether those in charge will ensure genuine due process rather than act out their true intentions.

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