LRC Conference – 19 November 2011

LRC will holding its annual conference on the 19th November from 10:30am until 4:30pm, ULU, Malet Street, London

Speakers include: Symeon Brown (Haringey community and youth worker), Katy Clark MPJeremy Corbyn MP,Dot Gibson (NPC), John McDonnell MPMatt Wrack (FBU)

The conference will set LRC campaigning priorities for the year ahead, elect a new National Committee and officers, and debate the issues set by our members and affiliates. You can now download the following conference papers: Timetable for the dayResolutions bookletNational Committee statement and Elections booklet.

Register online for the conference. Or to register by post, download the individual member’s form or the affiliate delegate form.

It should be an interesting conference, debate and discussion on the year ahead especially as globally, the economic crisis is deepening and savage cuts still to be made. Be part of the resistance.


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One thought on “LRC Conference – 19 November 2011

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