Bitch from hell: hath no fury like a sister scorned…..

I don’t particularly like using words like “bitch” as it reinforces misogyny, so usually I don’t use language like that. But on this occasion, I have, as this individual is no sister of mine biologically or politically. I too have my contradictions.


You don’t want to remember

Instead you blame

Causes me so much pain.


I was hoping for the best

Deep down it worried me it would turn ugly

As you repress

I confess

You mess

I continue to press

You scream vile malevolence

You expect obedience

You want control

I am trapped in a hole


You ignore my requests

You treat me like a pest

It is my quest to find answers

You withhold

You are so cold


You quote a never ending rap sheet of my crimes

Screaming and shouting pure cyber vitriol

Drip, drip, drip

It rips though my heart.

You imagine things, she shouts

You twist and distort, she retorts

You lie!

That’s the final straw

It’s just too raw

I sigh and cry

Too much to try


Goodbye enforcer from hell

Let me tell

I have lived for 17 years

A happy new life

Escaping from you all

I have stood tall

Friends have cared

A surrogate family



…And lastly

You are not even my enemy

The memories have ceased

You don’t exist

….Puff…I am gone.

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2 thoughts on “Bitch from hell: hath no fury like a sister scorned…..

  1. This is a great book: Toxic Parents by Susan Forward. I can highly recommend it. Also if they have been abusive she doesn’t recommend forgiveness and moving on like a lot of new agey/counsellor types. Her book is practical and useful.

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