The repugnant, repellant and repulsive face of the Tory Party….

Tories got trounced on Thursday during the local elections. Drubbed, conquered, thrashed and trashed along with their LibDem yellow Tory friends (unfortunately the Bullingdon buffoon won a second term in London). Ian Duncan Smith, when confronted about loss of Remploy jobs, sneered:

Is it a kindness to stick people in some factory where they are not doing any work at all? Just making cups of coffee?

How does IDS know that’s what workers are doing? The Tory mask slipped and we are confronted with the same old vicious and nasty dross.


You don’t produce very much at all.


Asked why the disabled were being robbed of a choice between a segregated or mainstream workplace, Mr Duncan Smith snapped: “How far do you want to go with the idea that you can choose to do exactly what you want?

Why can’t people choose what they want?! Indeed the Tories want to force people to do any old job, no choice just coercion and compulsion.

IDS is a sneery contemptible taunting little Tory twit. The sooner this hideous alliance disintegrates  altogether the better!

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4 thoughts on “The repugnant, repellant and repulsive face of the Tory Party….

  1. Broken promises and lies. Cameron said that he wanted changes, changes in the way govt was run. he wanted the country to tell the govt what they wanted, they wanted to serve us. ALL LIES,JUST TO GET INTO POWER. Nobody voted for this coalition of condem twits, get rid NOW! And Duncan Smith, Osborne, Grayling and maria miller are the owrst of all for villifyingThe unemployed the poor, the needy, the sick and the disabled.

  2. They are all accomplished liars, and all have sneering attitudes towards the ‘undesirables’ who cannot defend themselves, such as the disabled/poor.

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