LRC AGM – 10 November

This is a brief report of the LRC AGM on Saturday. The morning kicked off with motions and debates around cuts in the public sector. Later on there was a round table discussion with councillors about the impact of cuts and how to fight against them. In the afternoon Maria Exall and Ellen Clifford (DPAC) both spoke about equalities. Interestingly, as well, some delegates from the floor spoke about their own disabilities, some had never spoken in public about this. It shows a level of courage because it is hard to talk about a disability because of vilification and stigmatisation (and mentioned to the increase in hate crime).

Later international speakers from France, Germany, Colombia, Greece spoke about global austerity and cuts. There were some interesting debates over motions such as one on the Marikana massacre, which I supported. There were disagreements about this specific point of the motion:

Break the Triple Alliance! In a new and telling way, the Marikana Massacre highlights the necessity for COSATU, the SACP, the YCL (Young Communist League) and Sasco (South African Student Congress) to break from the ANC and fight for the political and organisational independence of the working class.

The argument was that there shouldn’t be a break from the ANC. I disagree,there should because the ANC is pro-capitalist and has capitulated to neo-liberalism. This is also a great example of stageism, it leads to neo-liberalism. The motion was carried.

There were also disagreements regards to the motion on “Release all International POWs”, I didn’t see why some saw this motion as objectionable. But it kinda amplified the old split in the labour movement over the reluctance to stand shoulder to shoulder against imperialism with the nationalist community in the north of Ireland.

There was a contentious debate on Labour Briefing, which transferred over the summer to the LRC, some believed that Labour Briefing should change its name to something else. Fortunately, the motion was defeated.

It was an eventful day, I didn’t participate as fully as I probably should have mainly due to filming and taking pix. Well done to comrades elected onto the LRC NC. I didn’t go for re-election onto the NC as I need a rest….

Videos here. Pix uploaded later on my Flickr page.

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2 thoughts on “LRC AGM – 10 November

  1. confusing, you support the triple alliance breaking with the ANC as it is pro capitalist yet you cling on inside the labour party which it too is pro capitalist . How can you be for staying in one capitalist org over leaving another , Is it the fact its no where near home so wont affect the LRC who love to talk about radical action but pass motions which do very little in a room full of those who more or less agree.

  2. Great shame yo’re not back on the LRC NC. I was opposed to the clause of the South Africa motion you mention, primarily because I don’t think it’s the job of the LRC to tell other movements elsewhere what to do. There’s a genuine debate to have about whether to break with the ANC, but we didn’t really have it Saturday. Pushing through such a position in COSATU could well split in down the middle.

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