Harpy says au revoir

Having moved to Bristol, working and such like I can’t keep up with the world and stuff. I am also sick of WordPress. I will in future set my own blog up if I can get off my arse and do that. I have been remiss in keeping this updated. There have the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, the creamy middles of blogging. But hey, as Robbie Nevil once sang, “C’est La Vie” … it’s time I concentrated on my photography. Also will at some stage set up my own photography and political blog. And migrate 4 bloody years of blogging to another site.

It’s been fun..Sometimes with life I think of the wonderful Peggy Lee, is that all there is……..Life can run the gamut of totally overwhelming mind-blowing stimulating entrancing exhilarating excitement to despondency and being brought back down to earth with a big loud reality-check of a painful crash landing….Back to reality… Is that all?  But there’s the booze and the dancing…

Amen to Peggy!

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7 thoughts on “Harpy says au revoir

  1. I thought your posts were getting fewer … are there no herons in Bristol ? I miss those pics. Work is the curse of the blogging classes.

    Please don’t delete until there’s a link to the new blog, and best wishes ….and thanks.

  2. You will be missed, I can’t think of any other leftist who mixed the personal with the political as well as you did. those hours spent reading certainly paid off. And we need more writers like you!

    If you do set up again, please call it haprymarx or post comments on other left blogs so we can rekindle the joy of harpy!

  3. Thanks all……

    I lurve my telly Anna ;)

    I will try and get it together to post something but the interest in blogging has waned a bit. Give me a bit of time to get my act together and I surely will bounce back…sometime in 2013 :)

  4. Hope you start a politico-pic blog.

    Don’t know if you’ve come across these books:
    Susie Linfield, The Cruel Radiance: Photography & Political Violence, Chicago UP, 2010, c.340pp.
    Ariella Azoulay, The Civil Contract of Photography, Zone Books, 2008, 585pp. [also her other books]

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