ConDems class hatred of the poor continues…..



Before Xmas, DWP released the following press release regarding the  hideous “under occupancy” cap aka “bedroom tax”. As opposed to rolling it out nationally in April, the cap will be applied from April 2013 in 4 London local authorities – Bromley, Croydon, Enfield and Haringey. 

‘Choosing these four local authorities means that we can provide support from a single DWP Benefit Centre at Stratford. The majority of claimants in the four boroughs have their out of work benefit claims processed by Stratford Benefit Centre, which as you may be aware is the only London based Benefit Centre. That is an important factor in delivering this change safely as it allows us to focus all of our efforts on making sure that the delivery of this change works as intended for local authorities, DWP and households.’


‘For all other local authorities across the country, including yours, we will move from implementation in the first four local authority areas to national roll out over the summer and as such all households identified as being appropriate to be capped will, in line with existing plans, have been capped by the end of September 2013. A decision on the precise date at which national roll out will commence will be made in the New Year.’

 They apparently chose these as they are cross section of urban areas (Bromley being my old stomping ground!). ConDems originally wanted to roll this nationally in April but instead they selected just 4 LAs. What was first created by New Labour, changes to welfare reform are commonly trialled in Pathfinder areas. It could be that the ConDems are less confident in believing this will go smoothly. The “bedroom tax”, according to the mean spirited ideology of the ConDems,  is unfair on “hard working families” that people on benefits have spare rooms. Perish the thought! ConDems are attacking working class living standards and indulging in divide and rule.
This is the reality of the “bedroom tax” and how it will be enforced.

The amount of rent used to calculate how much housing benefit you’re entitled to will be cut by a fixed percentage:

  • 14% of the ‘eligible rent’ (the full rent amount) if you have one extra bedroom
  • 25% if you have two or more extra bedrooms.

To be on Housing Benefit you are already poor and not in the position to pay the shortfall. You will have a shortfall in rent and Council tax therefore will generate arrears and inevitable homelessness. One reason, is possibly to break up council estates who primarily Labour voters. In Bristol, for example, the area that will be greatly affected by this will be Knowle West because it has a high concentration of social housing.

The long term plan of the ConDems is to smash up the welfare state and to smash the working class. Along with creating desperation, alienation and despair, to shatter confidence and fightback. With the precariousness of austerity, losing your job, accessing medical care, housing, benefits and so on will be so much harder coupled with the fact people will fear the poor and fear the fact it will be so easy to fall into that trap. Doubtlessly mental distress will increase, people will mentally collapse from within. Easier to internalise than to fightback. ConDems blame, vilify and witch hunt the poor, blaming them constantly for the woes in this society and unfortunately it has been successful (see stats regards to increase in hate crimes towards disabled people).
2013… let’s hope it’s the start of the end for the ConDems…


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5 thoughts on “ConDems class hatred of the poor continues…..

  1. How ironic that this is centred at Stratford only months after the sense of social cohesion and achievement that the largely publicy funded Olympic Games in Stratford gave us. I can certainly think of another family supported by the state with a few bedrooms to spare.

  2. The silly thing is, the working class are already smashed. The fact that the Condems feel they have to hit the poorest hardest just shows the shit load of trouble we all are going to face, as our living standards fall in relation to the East. (the wealth of those at the top continues on it’s merry way of course).

    I have put my bet on barbarism.

    ps Welcome back!

  3. The government is proposing to cut the Social Fund, which provides emergency support for poor, sick and vulnerable people in desperate need. A coalition of charities and welfare groups explains why this is wrong. Click HERE to read more.

  4. please look at the changes for esa .clause 99 catch 22 .they are stopping the sick etc getting any money while the dwp reviwe this atso result ,can not appeal the same way as befor.look at how many people have died as a direct result of dwp and atos ,how many have comitted suiced .this is corporate manslgauther harassment and human rights breach .call for a vote of no confidence in the sick corrupte self serving goverment , befor it gets worse . they are set to get the middle class next .anyone with depts can now have their house sold to reap back the dept .they need only owe £1000.00 .then where do they live ?

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