Council Tax Support: Can’t Pay Won’t Pay!!!!

Two-thirds of local authorities in England are from April planning to demand council tax payments from working-age households which are currently exempt, according to new research. The finding comes in a survey of local authorities undertaken jointly by the New Policy Institute and Resolution Foundation into how councils are responding to the abolition of council tax benefit. Just over 320 councils in England must decide by the end of the month how they will implement the successor, known as council tax support, which comes with a 10% cut in central funding and rules ensuring full protection for pensioners. It will save national government up to £500m a year. ConDems are bringing in the Poll Tax to destroy the poor.

These proposals will hit people unbelievably hard. Cause untold poverty, arrears, sanctions, court costs, non-payment, bailliffs and homelessness. Claimants are already poor how the hell are they expected to contribute  to their council tax. Food prices are increasing, fuel prices increasing, rent increases and so on. People will be reduced to barely surviving. More usage of food banks and at some point I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be Serco/A4E/Crapita run workhouses.

Rather like the slogan from the anti-Poll Tax Campaign, “Can’t Pay Won’t Pay”…. will be back in 2013-2014, the struggle needs to be politicised. Solidarity work is a necessity in regards to grass roots campaigning and supporting people who face arrears, court hearings, bailiffs and homelessness. Below is a snap-shot of a couple of London Councils and their increases regarding how much extra people will have to pay. Camden and Tower Hamlets are mimicking the present system, while Bromley it’s 25% along with Newham being 20%.

The inevitable consequence will be that people will have to move. ConDems want to create a real underclass.

Barking and Dagenham – proposal 15%
Barnet – proposal between 10% and 25%
Bexley – proposal 5%
True blue Bromley council – increase minimum of 25%. Bromley likes to hammer the poor.
Camden – The deduction proposed for the year 2013- 2014 is £3 per week (mimicking present system)
Newham – minimum of 20 per cent of their council tax bill.
Brent – 20per cent of Council Tax
Hackney – proposal Council Tax Benefit claimants of working age will be required to pay at least 15% of their weekly Council Tax bill.
Tower Hamlets – would have to pay an extra £3 in Council Tax per week approximately (mimicking Camden)

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2 thoughts on “Council Tax Support: Can’t Pay Won’t Pay!!!!

  1. Let’s hope not one them that condemned the unemployed ever come out of work. stop giving the rich tax breaks and giving out billions in aid then this attack on poor can stop and excuse me what we get paid in dole money is what we paid in the system so stop this bollox getting something for nothing IT’S WHAT WE PAVED IN TO THE SYSTEM YEAR AFTER YEAR AND HAD YOU LOT NOT GOT INTO POWER I WOULD STILL HAVE A JOB MAKE ME SICK ALL YOU MP’S

  2. my hubby has just been made redundant…again! this is going to hit us hard, they are implementing too many changes all in one year esp with the universal credit.poorer people are not going to be able to survive, and it is putting a lot of stress on society.if they stopped spending their money on crap like £3.2 million towards arts funding (liverpool),shitty statues, and second homes for politicians, we wouldnt be in this situation.i dont see why we should have to pay, when some of us didnt even want conservative OR lib dems in in the first children are going to be the ones to suffer even more now, i mean bloody hell, arent taxes high enough without making us get further into debt??? NO COS ITS NOT UR FUCKING PROBLEM!!! u dont care as long as u get ur holidays, posh cars, and massive houses…sort yourselves out first….

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