The grim reality of food banks…


In Bristol it is estimated that benefit income will go down by £125m by 2014-2015.

On a national scale, the value of unemployment benefits has fallen from 21% of average earnings in 1979 to just 11% in 2010

During Xmas one food bank in Bristol fed 126 people in a matter of 2 and a half hours

Almost 10% of people in the SW have experienced some form of food poverty

Around 5% of people have skipped meals

4% have relied on friends and family for food

20% have changed their eating habits

28.7% children in Bristol live in a deprived household

Significant number of parents have gone without food to feed their kids

In the Bristol Region, there have been record numbers turn to the four local Bristol foodbanks in the last six months. They have already fed 2288 local people in the last six months.

Food banks work in conjunction with major supermarkets, like Tesco, for example, make over a billion in profits (even if they are taking a tumble financially)yet they rely on their customers to donate food as opposed to lowering the price of their food …nice and nutritious food at affordable prices… Gee, every little helps… Around Xmas time Tesco topped up total donations by 30 per cent (they can afford it and more!). Yet it’s still all about poor people donating food to even poorer people…!!

Food banks have a nasty stench of the Dickensian where people are forced to beg for food from one of these charities, even then you just can’t walk in you have to be referred by some state agency.

And of course, austerity marches on….Bristol Council is making cuts of £35 million. On Thursday 24th January, the Cabinet will meet and BADACA have called for a lobby of the budget meeting. So… if you live in the South West, specifically Bristol and you are sick to the back teeth of working class people being punished and blamed for this crisis then come along and tell mayor, George Ferguson and the cabinet of cuts just how pissed off you are!
Statistic information can be found here:

North Bristol Foodbank

Census and statistics information – Bristol

Interesting article on The well-trousered philanthropists: Tory party chums and food parcels for the poor.

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