The law around the war upon the poor….


This is S.I. 2013 No. 276 – Social Security replacement regulations for the work programme. Now what struck me was not so much the legal language but look at the top of the page:

Made 4.19 p.m. on 12th February 2013

Laid before Parliament 6.15 p.m. on 12th February 2013

Coming into force 6.45 p.m. on 12th February 2013

It was “laid before Parliament” at 6:15 and came into force by 6:45pm. So much for meaningful debate. The Court of Appeal criticised the government due to bypassing Parliament, surely they have done it again with these rushed through replacement regulations? Legal issue leads into a wider concern such as sanctioning an individual’s benefit. These people have not committed any criminal offence yet they are being penalised and punished in a serious way i.e. taking away their benefit. But the ConDems don’t care as we can see with them pushing these regulations through Parliament bypassing democracy.

Ideologically, it’s the poor who are being blamed. Unemployed people are blamed for being unemployed. The poor blamed for being in poverty. Mandation and sanctions are giving out this ideological message. Rules of social security operate by secondary legislation, when regulations get rushed through the rules get rushed through. And that’s not good for democracy.



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4 thoughts on “The law around the war upon the poor….

  1. At the same time the government says it is going to appeal against the Court of Appeal’s judgement in the Catt Reilley case. Perhaps this appeal may provide an opportunity to have the new regulations looked at by the (Supreme) Court.

  2. There will be no more real employment opportunities created in this country all the time this government is supplying free labour to companies. It is also true that all the people going to these Workfare placements will not be contributing Tax or National Insurance because they will not be Wage earners. Can anyone else see how this is going to contribute to a worse situation than we are already in?

  3. The only solution is to remove this unelected government from office. A march on Downing Street to hand over P45’s to Camoron and Osbourne to start with. Remember these people are OUR employees let’s see how they like being unemployed.

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