The practice of “creaming and parking” is “endemic” within the work programme…..

We’ve got a guy who carries around a mirror in his pocket to ward off evil spirits. Okay he might be on JSA but he’s a long way from the job market isn’t he?’

So we are going to have these numbers of customers that perhaps may never find employment in the two years. We’ll never be paid for them either but we’ll be paid for the other 50% that are likely to go on into work so there’s a level of parking going on which we’re not particularly comfortable with but we also need to achieve what we need to achieve and what the Primes need to achieve so it’s trying to get a balance really.


Parking and creaming” is “endemic within the programme” and is a “rational response” by providers given that the scheme uses a payment-by-results model whereby “a proportion of customers would always be very unlikely to get a job. 


The study says the government attempted to control creaming and parking in the programme by introducing higher payments for harder-to-help clients, but researchers found no evidence that this had incentivised providers to take on problem cases.

Well, is anyone really shocked by this?

In a nutshell it is all about targets and profits, the needs of the individual are not at the forefront neither is training good quality staff. What is the central tenet  is incentivising staff to ‘cream’ off the profits from people that can be placed in work and ‘parking’ the ones who need further and more complex help. In the language of the market and the corporate sector, why spend time on these people when profits are to be made?

Money should be invested in the public sector instead we have the private sector taking over in a turbocharged manner, running roughshod and destroying public services. Accountability, transparency, openness and democracy don’t particularly exist in the private sector. They cannot run the benefit system. They’re clueless. They’re useless.Say it once, say it again…the private/third sector can’t run the public sector. Need not greed!

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One thought on “The practice of “creaming and parking” is “endemic” within the work programme…..

  1. Offering a prize of all of the money in the world couldn’t “incentivise” inventors enough to enable them to create a perpetual motion machine because such a machine is impossible. Similarly paying workfare providers large amounts to get the “hardest to help” amongst the unemployed into work won’t get those people into work because whether they work or not isn’t up to Work Programme providers but up to employers to whom they are being referred: if an employer doesn’t want to offer gainful employment to somebody for whatever reason no amount of money dangled in front of their Work Programme provider will matter and in the current situation, with so many people desperate for any scrap of work, employers have the whip hand and can be very particular and choosy as far as selecting staff goes. If somebody has the slightest flaw, e.g., patchy work record, too old, too young, over qualified, under qualified, medical condition, caring responsibilities… blah, blah, blah… whatever… they will, more often than not, be passed over for some candidate considered less of a liability. Offering Work Programme providers large sums to do the impossible won’t change such outcomes.

    This is the nonsense of the Work Programme.

    The reality is that too few jobs being chased by far too many people.

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