The ongoing IT saga and Universal Credit….

Universal Credit is apparently meant to be rolled out in October 2013…. Well, that’s if they can get the IT together ‘cos at the moment it looks like a complete fiasco. Where to begin to explain this doomed IT adventure? That really should read £2.2bn doomed IT adventure…

Indeed this looks like one almighty train wreck… an almighty expensive train wreck of £2.2bn.


Scott Mckinven, financial inclusion manager at Affinity Sutton Housing Association, said there are concerns that many residents will be unable to access the internet to receive welfare payments.

“We are finding a lot of residents can’t afford to get online, their phone lines are not active, which cost £100 to activate and then there are the line rental fees, when all they want to do is use broadband for £3-£4 per month.”

He added the body was finding it difficult to get a full-picture of who will be affected because local authorities have different approaches to data sharing. “The data sharing side is complex. Some local authorities share data happily, while others won’t. How can we work with [them] if [they] won’t give us the data,” he said.

But it seems like the DWP have got their heads firmly in the sand when they state, the programme will be delivered on time and on budget.

I’ll see it to believe. Watch this space for further trials, tribulations and trouble….no doubt.


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3 thoughts on “The ongoing IT saga and Universal Credit….

  1. But its now to late to prevent a revolution. The stupid evil plutocrats have rammed through their three sociopathic bills. What do they amass to? Huge unemployment. Disabled people are thrown off benefits, they wont get jobs after a year. No. They will die. Workfare is a farce, bankrupting the welfare state. Universal Credit is a disaster rammed by the thick skinned IDS. When the computer fails people will get desperate. How will they feed their kiddies? Millions of people getting HB are employed. They will really suffer. The mentally ill will be the worst hit. Millions of severely ill people will go to the hospitals to die. The NHS is being restructured, it will just collapse, its already got big cracks. But there is a cherry topping to the cake of economic conservatism going haywire -the emergency services, all being massively cut. There will be huge fires, all over our cities. So what does it amount to – three national crises. But look on the bright side – no Tories after for 30 years. No more of the evil Grayling, no more inept Gove, grotesque Pickles or nasty Hunt, but I am afraid , there is significant colateral damage.

  2. “The churn of senior staff is the most visible example of those that can, are distancing themselves rapidly. The suppliers are not breaking ranks as this is potentially a massive cash cow and they need a big success in the public sector and the current administration is keeping quiet as they cannot afford another public sector IT debacle.”

    Sounds par for the Government IT course … it’s deja vu all over again I tell you.

  3. I think Dr Doom is a bit OTT. Doubtless the DWP will muddle through somehow. And if he hasn’t noticed, we already have huge unemployment.

    I wish young idiots – and old enough to know better Lowry Penny – would stop fantasising about blood on the streets. A lot of innocent people get hurt, and the government gets more popular, not less. Did the last lot of riots bring down the Coalition? It strengthened it if anything.

    Dr Doom, a short history lesson. “A crew looting Footlocker” ¬= “shelling the Winter Palace”.

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