Miliband versus the Labour link…

You kinda expect this with the Labour Party…. skullduggery, Machiavellian behaviour and sheer two-faced double-dealing. Politics in its raw state. And now Miliband is to “explore historic break with the unions”.… But you don’t need a crystal ball to see that coming. What also made me ROTFL is this comment from Mister Ed accusing McCluskey of “shabby practices”… and along with “unaccountable vested interests”

Seriously, Mister Ed, is having a larf?

Has he not heard of Progress?! The Party within a Party? Shabby practices? Unaccountable vested interests?

Anyway, I digress….

And this controversy has led to the resignation from the front bench of the MP Tom Watson. I mean, the full report hasn’t been published as yet and even Len M. hasn’t seen the whole report either. So is this a smear campaign against Unite and the TU movement overall?! McCluskey is demanding a full independent inquiry.

I wouldn’t be surprised. What also makes me ROTFL is Labour whining that Unite packing meetings… Funny that, Labour has a tendency to parachute unknowns into constituencies, very undemocratic practices and rather “shabby” too. I mean. c’mon, most of these Labour PPCs look like they have wandered out from an audition for The Apprentice! If we are to use that rather elastic word, they just aren’t… ordinary.

If Mister Ed decided to break the link then Labour would be up a certain creek without a paddle…. Where would they get the money from to fund the party?

I suppose Mister Ed et al just want to become a pro-establishment party, full-on austerity and therefore cuts. How the hell they can differeniate themselves from the Tories is anyone’s guess. Simply put, they want to be the party of austerity as opposed to austerity-lite and cut loose their traditional voters along with the affiliated trade unions.

Not once during office did Labour ever contemplate reappealing the anti-trade union laws yet Miliband relied on their votes. Back when Mister Ed was standing as leader many on the left saw him as a viable alternative (I mean, c’mon, he addressed audiences as “comrades”… What more do you want?!… Huh? Policies…did you say?!). To me he was just Mister Ed … basing his campaign on opportunism and pretence. And now Miliband is giving the union that backed him a good kicking.

Could the Labour Party split? Eventually…. It will be a long torturous depressing time. But as with anything, there are lots of contradictions, to reiterate it was the trade unions and left that voted for Miliband at the same time you have arch Blairites/Progress supporters ready to scupper anything. Is it gonna party like its 1981 a la SDP?!

Will Labour win the next election? Who knows come 2015… My money (if I still have any by then) is on the negative ‘cos Labour doesn’t have a consistent agenda instead it is hanging by one hand on the ConDem bandwagon. What are Labour policies other than aping the Tories?! Also, Mister Ed is not a visible and vibrant leader as opposed to looking like a geeky extra from the Big Bang Theory. There are no radical policies that attempt to transform society  and to overthrow ConDem legislation instead you are getting shallow sound-bites.

During week the National Housing Federation published a report highlighting the terrible and devastating impact of the bedroom tax is having on the poorest …. and has Miliband said anything about this shameful attack? Anyone? Has he?

  • during the first four weeks of the bedroom tax coming into force more than 14,000 Merseyside households fell into arrears with their rent – 6,000 of which went into arrears for the first time;
  • nearly 26,500 households in Merseyside are being impacted by the bedroom tax, yet due to a shortage of smaller homes only 155 managed to downsize into housing association properties in April 2013; and
  • more than £22m, which could be used to build desperately needed new homes across Merseyside, will be lost this financial year as a result of the financial impact on housing associations of the bedroom tax.

When the reality of austerity is attacking Labour’s core voters Miliband still pushes an austerity/cuts agenda. Is the Labour leadership fit for purpose in 2015? They can’t even put forward a reasonable alternative, basic social democratic policies, nothing too shocking, just something that will appeal to voters. Plus sticking to it and promising not to engage in any more flipping wars… along with trashing Trident (not literally just figuratively… you know what I mean). But no…. it’s about capitulating to the establishment and showing that Miliband et al are a bunch of spineless schmucks… The Labour leadership is woe-begone … an hourly promise breaker, the owners of no one good quality and Mister Ed speaks an infinite deal of… well, nothing….


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2 thoughts on “Miliband versus the Labour link…

  1. Louise, whilst Ed is using this shambles to try and push Labour even further into the clutches of the neoliberal bosses, it is clear that their is some evidence of shenanigans. Afterall, it wouldn’t be the first time something like this has happened.
    Both Ed and Len have done little to fight for us. While they enjoy massive Salaries poorly paid workers can hardly make ends meet.
    We don’t need Labour or UNITE to tell us what to do. It’s about time we woke up and built our own organisations, and not ones that panda to the lowest common denominator

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