The eternal invisibility of Mister Miliband

Joseph Heller, when paraphrasing Shakespeare, argued, Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them . I wonder what he would have made of the mediocrity of Ed Miliband. Who he? Just to recap… leader of the opposition (yes, that one, Labour Party…). And you can imagine the late lamented Ralph Miliband spinning in his grave … Probably describing Ed as mediocre is harsh… harsh to the word mediocre. Useless is much more favourable.

You can imagine the descriptions in Mister Ed’s end of term report…”Middling”, “moderate”, “lacking quality”… “unexceptional”… “boring”…. and throw in “invisible”… Policies non-existent or more to the point aping the Tories.  Maybe Miliband thinks mediocrity sells…. Less ‘It” politician more shit politician and…c’mon.. would you waste eggs on Miliband?

The election in 2015, Miliband should be aiming significant blows on the ConDems but no. Denting their support, increasing Labour’s lead not narrowing it. But no…. It’s the same old guff. Chris Bryant’s pathetic stunt on migrant workers backfired and so it should too.

What is Miliband’s strategy? Any takers…?!  Does he know? Hey, let us organise a séance and contact Ralph from beyond the grave and ask him whether he knows Ed’s strategy. Somehow, I doubt he will know either. All you need are policies which are favourable, convincing, and pragmatic. You know, some basic social democratic measures. People want hope along with knowing that they won’t get collectively kicked in the teeth and sold out. Where they won’t get blamed and scapegoated and demonised. Where they won’t be living on the edge, stressed out beyond belief worrying about money, and just about existing.  But no…. it’s triangulation all the way and carrying on with a neoliberal project… maybe a bit watered down. Essentially… they wanna be like the Tories. Labour has never ever, while in opposition, challenged austerity. I mean, Labour haven’t even put forward policies which say NOTHING about austerity. This is have pathetic and spineless they are.  One popular policy would be, off the top of my head, cutting Trident. But Labour keeps shtum on that too.

I sincerely hope the Labour leadership is damned in history for not challenging austerity.

The bloke who chucked eggs at Miliband said he was sick of the favouritism shown to the banks. And who can blame him. Property bubble is being induced by the ConDems and we know that particular ending… Property bubbles always end badly. But then the rich are protected by the fallout of the sticky ending. The rich are immune while it’s the working class who pay the price… attacks on benefits, attacks on claimants, zero contracts, fixed term contracts, temporary contracts …. employment is precarious.

The controversial Work Programme – the coalition’s flagship privatised back to work schemes – are failing badly. Despite the tens of millions of pounds channelled to private providers such as A4e, long-term unemployment continues to grow – now reaching its highest level for over 17 years: 909, 250.

Likewise the £1 billion Youth Contract scheme seems to be having little effect (other than lining the pockets of unscrupulous employers), as youth unemployment is today 45,000 higher than when the Coalition came to power – and rose 15,000 in the last 3 months. Youth unemployment now stands at 978,000.

Worse still, the government figures include 164,000 people as ‘employed’ on government supported training and employment programmes – many of which are the failing workfare schemes. The numbers on the schemes rose 17,000 in the last 3 months.

Wages are being continually squeezed, energy bills are increasing along with water bills. Food prices increasing and rents too. But what does Miliband say? Nuffink…  But then who invented the Work Programme? The Tories but Labour paved the way with the New Deal… Yet Miliband et al could show some mea culpa but nyet, non, nada, nein and nie! Instead it’s all about Polish migrant workers, well, any Eastern European migrant worker is fair game to Bryant. Labour should get their priorities straight… stop banging on about migrant workers and focus on the real issues….

Since 2009, a total of £375bn has been spent on quantitive easing. Where does this money go? Serious question there comrades, where?!  Printing money supports demand in the economy which is a central plank of capitalism. If people aint got the money to spend on the things that capitalism wants to sell to them the crisis deepens.

How is quantitive easing supporting the economy?

Whilst thinking that over, around £18 billion is being “saved” a year regards to welfare benefits. And the ConDems state that these savings are important and an acceptable sacrifice to make where people are losing their homes, barely existing and living on the edge… Yet each year of quantitive easing has involved an average of 5 times this amount of money being pulled out of the air to give away to be used as far as we can for a fresh round of speculation.

Looks like our living standards are on the same downwards helter-skelter: we are simply on a fresh spiral. Same old game, new levels of misery for the many.

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2 thoughts on “The eternal invisibility of Mister Miliband

  1. Well, the fact that Labour is collectively sitting on its hands at least gives some of its most distinguised members plenty of free time to do other things.For example, as the Coalition dismantles the welfare state, makes tens of thousands of people homeless and reduces even more to beggary, and kills dozens of sick and disabled men and women on a weekly basis Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Liam Byrne, is busying himself promoting a book on China he somehow managed to author despite supposedly being a full-time MP and senior policy making member of the Shadow Cabinet, with a make or break election less than two years away.

    I suppose Liam would call himself a “striver” for lining his own pockets in this way.

    Personally I consider this dreadful little person a neglectful “shirker” to be spending his time writing books privately, for his own profit, rather than fighting the dreadful austerity agenda which is causing so much pain and misery to so many innocent, helpless, and voiceless citizens up and down the land.

    What hope is there when such uncommitted ambiguous people lead the Labour Party?

  2. And Byrne has one of the highest unemployment rates in his constituency… But writing a book is far more important, obviously, than something for the constituents….

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