Bromidic in Bournemouth…..

Mister Ed at TUC Conference….

There was nothing spectacular about Mister Ed’s speech other than it being spectacularly boring and mundane… Nothing concrete. Nothing about the 2015 except garbled commitments regards to zero hour contracts. Oh, and this ….

“The Conservative Prime Minister of 1867. The Fourteenth Earl of Derby. The longest ever serving leader of the Conservative Party. The man who first legislated to allow trade unions in this country. His real name: Edward Stanley. Or as he would be called today: Red Ed.”

No mention of workers fighting for recognition, no mention of the these class fighters….  no mention whatsoever instead Mister Ed talks about a bloody Tory leader.

Dull, dull, dull… I think delegates were suffering from inertia to even attempt to boo.

Oh, and walking up and down the platform was so irritating (especially if you were trying to photograph him) as it came across as aimless and meaningless… rather like this speech. The man does not know where he is going… except into oblivion.

The applause came not for Mister Ed but for Janice Godrich (PCS) when she asked him whether he was for or against austerity. His reply was that he was against austerity but there had to be cuts …. Reaction from the audience: Silence!

Couple of pix to whet the appetite 

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2 thoughts on “Bromidic in Bournemouth…..

  1. Hi Harpy! Hope you’re doing OK.

    I don’t know what I find more depressing, the fact that we have this miserable government or the fact that there is no opposition.

    I would guess that Labour have too many schoolboy Tory advisers who warn that unless they adopt Tory policies they’ll lose. And because of this pulling/tricking over to the right, like some malignant current, the shadow cabinet believe it. I don’t know why they believe it; there is something profoundly stupid about failing to tap into the plentiful anger and disaffection with this government.

    • Hi Tim,

      Doing OK. I think having no opposition is the most depressing. Mister Ed just wants to be establishment friendly. And today Labour leadership is not backing the call for the repealing of the Bedroom Tax. The fact they can’t condemn a vicious and vile policy is beyond belief….

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