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Harpy Marx is the alter-ego of Louise Whittle. Socialist feminist. Photographer. Politico. Depressive in a kinda cheery way. Who believes it is her duty to experiment. Rock ‘n roll comrades!

Member of the LP, LRC and Labour Briefing. Anti-war and anti-imperialist. Prefers cats to dogs, likes strawberry ice cream and staring blankly at ‘puter screens….and watching too much telly.

Contact Harpy Marx: louisefeminista@btinternet.com

20 thoughts on “HarpyMarx says:

  1. Hi Louise!

    Just thought I’d check out your blog, and must admit I’m impressed. Smart work getting the photo in right away.
    I’ve added a link to your blog on mine.


  2. I’m sorry for insulting you earlier in the week. As you may have gathered, I suffer from a multiple personality disorder. I hope I didn’t cause any offense.

  3. Hey Louise!! SNAP! We got the same blog theme lol. Thanks for the add on your blogroll… will run off and reciprocate after I’ve grabbed a wee smoke. Nice to see ya after all these years :-)

  4. Liked your blog – good to come across a political one and a socialist feminist. If you have a look at mine – see lipsticksocialist.wordpress.com – I am interested in feminism, socialist,trade unions etc etc Just running a Political Women series – exploring the reasons why women become activists and hopefully encouraging more women to do so. Love your photos!


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