Linder and Hannah Hoch: dissecting gender stereotypes

Hannah Höch’s Das schöne Mädchen (The Beautiful Girl, 1919-1920)

Hannah Hoch was probably the only woman artist active in the Dada movement. Her medium was photomontage where she depicted the contradictory and faceless roles of being a woman in the Weimar republic (along with the sexism she experienced).

The constricting pressures due to patriarchal norms and the expectations placed on women.

Linder, Pretty Girl Series, 1977 

Over 50 years later, the feminist punk artist Linder, is making similar statements as Hoch about commodification, patriarchy and the sexual division of labour.

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9 thoughts on “Linder and Hannah Hoch: dissecting gender stereotypes

  1. Hmm, not sure that’s true about Hoch being the only woman active in the dada movement…

    There’s the wonderfully-named Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, for a start (she’s dadaist, right?) I would suspect there are more, but as usual their contributions have been eclipsed…

  2. Yeah Jess, you are right. I probably should have explained it better by saying there were other women in the Dada movement but Hoch was the most famous of them all.

    Yes, the Baroness was a Dadist.

    • There was numerous women Dada artists! Sophie Taeuber and Emmy Hennings to name a few. The group was actually quite progressive for the time in its collaboration with women artists and this blog misrepresents that.

  3. I just did research over her for college and found her to be awesome for standing up for what she beleived in and didnt care about what others thought

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