Young voters’ Question Time…

I just got around to watching Young Voters’ Question Time and it disheartened and more bluntly royally pissed me off. Majority of the panel were white and Oxbridge educated (I mean, you need these clever posh types to lecture the masses…). And the only “yoof” on the panel was Laurie Penny. Again, that panel represented the bourgeois BBC establishment as not one of them really posed any threat or if they did they were successfully argued against (sorry Laurie but you need to sort out your arguments and how to project them because they are easily demolished by the right-wing).

Overall, majority of the panel (except Laurie) were pretty much in favour of Osama bin Laden being executed and some (Tristram Hunt and that Boles Tory) seemed to legitimise extrajudicial execution. Discussion on AV bored me. I will be voting against.

What a waste of time that Question Time was.

I mean, wouldn’t it be great to have ordinary people who haven’t been privately educated or had a Oxbridge education to talk politics with, you know, trade union activists, campaigners and so on. People who have things to say about the world but without the class privilege? I am sick to death seeing people who have only got to where they are because of their class position and the privileges that go with it, it’s so bleeding obvious that ordinary people (many working class) are sidelined. But hey, that’s how the BBC establishment works.

Though it also happens on the Left, more ordinary activists as opposed to media savvy middle class “activists”…please?

‘nuf said

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13 thoughts on “Young voters’ Question Time…

  1. Hmm, so the Oxbridge types in the audience are double plus ungood while the Brighton College and Wadham girl on the panel is A-OK. Not in my book.

    • I am critical of Laurie as well as frankly I am getting sick to death of Oxbridge private educated people becoming some kind of voice for the Left that’s why I argued she has to up her game politically. Problem is she comes across as someone whose arguments can be demolished easily and that’s why the right-wing like her not because she has an alternative Left wing view rather she is the stereotype of what the right-wing considers a Left-wing activist to be …. privately educated writing about rucks with the police. Activism isn’t just about demonstrating it’s also about building a movement and that’s a long haul, not something which is about instant gratification on the front line of a demo. Activism is so much much more, it’s a hard slog and you have to earn it. Sorry if I sound harsh but that’s how I feel.

      Chris, that’s why I wish there was more state educated ordinary people on these things. Indeed, Don Foster was the only one who hasn’t been to Oxbridge. How’s that gonna relate to ordinary young people who possibly won’t be able to afford any education? Or a decent job…and so on.

  2. Ex poly boy here, although by the time I got round to finishing me course it had garnered airs and graces and become a university.

    Harpymarx, I don’t think there’s even any attempt to relate. This is the era of the professional politician and the establishment would prefer if those who comment or go on to lead reflect the establishment itself.

    We’ve a long way to go before we become a representative democracy that can inspire the confidence of the masses. Those that lead have to understand and know the pain that their decisions can impose.

  3. Well it’s been like this for a while, I turned the TV off once that Tory started with her silly argument.

    If a government has no rule of law, once law becomes the right of governments to administer then sadly democracy has gone. Bin Laden for all his evil should have been placed on trial, he should then have been found guilty by due process of law, and executed by due process.

    Once a leader can tell you to kill somebody then sadly due process has gone and you have the same thing as gaddiffi or Saddam

  4. Of course I didn’t see the program as it isn’t screened in Australia. Laurie needs to work on viable solutions. You can shout ‘revolution’ but what do you want after you’ve had the revolution. Besides you can’t really argue with the result of the ‘ballot box’.

    The ideal should be community housing projects that enable people to escape long working hours and welfare assistance.

    When it comes to Oxbridge education, well you’re right, it stinks. There’s a huge advantage in being privately educated and it enables you to get into the ‘club’. I remember meeting someone who had rubbish A levels but was going to Oxford because she was offered the place merely on the basis of what school she was attending and recommendations of her teachers. It’s a strangle hold that is very difficult to break.

  5. Aside from not pressing the advantage further, keeping quiet at times where she could have easily spoken up and failing to mention a few major statistics (i.e. “We talk about 9/11 and how we aren’t terrorists because there is no “intention to murder”, but the same amount of people that died in 9/11 die, as children, in LEDC countries every 6.5 hours due to lack of clean water and food – just because they can’t “afford” it! Do you believe that’s right?!” etc.); I still think Laurie Penny was half-decent. Despite using the word “demeaning” too often, I found the politicians avoiding her responses rather than answering them, in my eyes. Then again, with her being a New Statesman editor, I might be a tad biased.

  6. Iam from croydon..and i was scared and fear in my own town and work place not just on monday but other times as well.

    It is disgusting what these people are did to the shops and people lifes and business and the community most of them adults they are not little kids and they should be punished just the same as adults.

    Everyone talking talking..MORE ACTION
    it time to LISTEN to people young and old and do action…

    if other young people in countries can be adults and respect their country and people in it why cant we.

    Manners and respect for neighbours needs to come back

    We must come together as one before its too late
    Make that change!!! and Action

  7. How can the panel justify not giving the pill to young girls having sex? Which is more detrimental… forced abortion which was available to parents 30 years ago or dealing with the consequences in a humane way?

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